Berkeley Phoenix House
"Rise from the ashes ..."
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After the Fire

A view of the fire damaged home, September 2008, from the east driveway, looking to the west north west.   Of primary concern, no one was injured, not at our home nor any of the neighbors.  While extensive damage occurred to the home and surrounding landscaping, the fire was contained to the property and did not spread. The copper beach in the courtyard (large charred tree on right) had been moved from her home on Edwards Street to the site in 1952 by my grandmother.

It is difficult to look at the house that over the past 60 years served as home for my grandfather & grandmother, my uncle, my brother, my mother & my eldest daughter, and most recently my middle daughter - who lost everything, expect for her drivers license and a cell phone.  Henry Hill, the architect of the original home, was a personal friend of my uncle.  I had the good fortune to know Henry over many years while at my uncle's home.  The road to recovery is a long and slow process.   The
BEFORE picture shows this approximate view.


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