Berkeley Phoenix House
"Rise from the ashes ..."
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AFTER the landscaping has matured, the Berkeley Phoenix House, from the deck of the uphill home directly east, will look similar to this graphic representation.  The view is looking west towards the Bay Bridge from the neighbor's deck level.  The dark-brown roofed home is the neighbor to the north.  

This is an "after" view, as surrounding landscaping matures.  The Berkeley Phoenix House house is to the left in the picture, the area that looks more like a garden than a roof.  The tree in the middle would be planted in the courtyard - not on the roof.     Previous views from this deck were obstructed by several trees destroyed in the fire.   This photo will be very similar to what the neighbor's view will be like in Version 6.     

Which house would you want to look over?   The Berkeley Phoenix House (left) or the brown shingled roof (right) ? The Berkeley Phoenix House will be the most respectful and hidden downhill neighbor that anyone could ask for - giving the appearance of a backyard. 

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